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LindsayLindsay Mazza




Lindsay has been a part of the PWE team for 7 years and brings hands-on experience in the event management industry with extensive expertise in social gatherings, weddings, and corporate events. With a solid background in hotel event sales, event planning & social media marketing Lindsay has been able to execute high quality events and develop longstanding partnerships.

Lindsay heads PWE’s social division with Paulette to plan memorable and dynamic weddings and special events for high profile clients. Luxury weddings are Lindsay’s specialty, they are custom designed to showcase the bride and groom’s personal aesthetic. Lindsay is known for her creative ideas, unexpected touches and exquisite attention to every detail. Working seamlessly with all vendors Lindsay makes sure that the entire wedding weekend is executed to perfection.

Lindsay has taken a leadership role with clients such as Presence Health, Black Ensemble Theater, WeishFest Chicago, Mercer and several high-end wedding and social events. In addition, Lindsay assists with the content creative and organization of the company’s website and social media pages, specifically Instagram.

Who inspires you ?

My mother inspires me. My mom is the sole reason why I began my career in the events industry. Ever since I was about 8 years old, I would help her coordinate events and silent auctions for nonprofit organizations that my family was involved in. She’s always striving to do the next best thing, and to motivate our family to be involved in more organizations. Her determination and creativity are what inspires me the most!

What makes PWE different?

What makes the PWE team different is their collaboration and their sense of family. PWE really values each team member by bringing out the best in each other and taking into consideration everyone’s ideas and opinions. When I was interning, I loved the brainstorming sessions we would have and the way the team would feed off one another with creative new ideas. It’s thrilling to work at a place where everyone is so passionate about what they do.

What is your favorite PWE event & why?

I loved a lot of the events I did with PWE. However, I think my favorite event was the Peak6 16th Anniversary party. It was an 80’s prom theme event that I worked on from beginning to end, and my favorite part was to see the event unfold! One of my responsibilities while planning, was to find a venue that would accommodate the amount of people, would relate to the theme, and would allow us to hold the space for multiple days to complete the entertainment production setup. It took some time to find the perfect space and we ended up booking…a college gym! With over four days of production and event setup, the gym was completely transformed. The décor involved corsages that were handed out by cheerleaders as guests entered the room, a prom theme picture backdrop, furniture groupings with branded tables, pillows, and bars featuring the company’s logo, and the company yearbooks that were handed out to each guest at the end of the night. Even the variety of food stations gave guests flashbacks to their favorite foods from that era. The event featured Rick Springfield playing Jessie Girl and presenting the prom king and queen with crowns, and a wild performance by Flo Rida. It was truly amazing to see all of our hard work unfold in such a unique space!