The Nature Conservancy’s 60th Anniversary Gala
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The Nature Conservancy’s 60th Anniversary Gala

“It has been an absolute joy to work with the PWE team.  They are incredibly professional, caring and creative beyond measure. Working with them gave me an invaluable sense of confidence going into the event because I knew Jodi and her team were on top of everything.”

— Holly Johansson (Stewardship & Engagement Specialist, The Nature Conservancy)


We helped formulate a new fundraising model – a model that engages your senses, surprises you throughout the evening, excites you to interact with hands-on activities, and takes down barriers so guests feel comfortable to network with everyone at the event while donating to your cause. We piloted this concept for The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) 60th Anniversary Gala and it received rave reviews from the 500 high-level donors, sponsors, guests & executive team and raised over $1M for the organization.



At TNC’s 60th Anniversary Gala, there was plenty of seating, no lines for food or at the bars, lots of incredible, interactive elements, including activation stations surrounding their 5 pillars of work (land, water, people, climate & cities). There was also a passport system that encouraged the journey throughout the event. Much of the focus of the evening was on education in addition to fundraising and this event exceeded all of their goals.

This non-traditional gala was an immersive journey into TNC’s brand and was filled with interactive elements and messaging at every turn. The gala began with an enticing environment filled with images and video mapping on the ceiling of the venue, which allowed us to control the imagery, lighting and ambience throughout the night. We used projection mapping to enliven and animate the surroundings of the guests. At the appointed hour, a buffalo stampede was unveiled above the audience with a drumline to direct guests’ attention to the front of the stage for the brief program. Guests mingled and met beneath a beautifully projected sky, enjoying custom cocktails and delicious hors d’oeuvres.