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John Featherstone

Principal, Lighswitch



Born and educated in the United Kingdom, John Featherstone was theatrically trained at Britain’s National Youth Theater. John then moved into concert touring lighting design and spent 10 years as lighting designer & director for some of the biggest names in contemporary concert touring, including Van Halen, Janet Jackson, INXS, Bryan Adams, John Legend, Kid Rock and Journey. After moving to the United States in 1989, John continued to tour extensively while also applying a blend of theatrical and concert touring lighting techniques to an ever-expanding business theater and corporate client base.

John is dedicated to designing dynamic, exciting, innovative and cost effective productions for today’s ever more demanding audiences.  He has designed lighting environments for some of the world’s most well known museums such as The Shedd Aquarium, The Museum of Science & Industry, Millennium Park & The Golden Gate Bridge. His work with the Illumination at The Morton Arboretum won him the IES Illumination Award in the Outdoor Lighting Design category.

Twenty years ago, Lightswitch was formed with one goal; to create unforgettable experiences through lighting, media and visual design. For the past two decades, Lightswitch has worked hard to deliver on that commitment, regardless of a project’s scale or size. It’s a pursuit that inspires their team to create award-winning entertainment, events and environments for a diverse network of clients that span from Broadway to Macau and everywhere in between.


What do you think makes PWE different?

Everyone calls them ‘events’, but PWE really mean it, and the entire team works unrelentingly to make sure every project is unique, distinctive and memorable for the client and their guests.

Why do you like working with PWE?

I am a collaborative creative – I enjoy working with PWE because they embrace that too and have a ‘no bad source for a great idea’ philosophy, that maximizes the value of everyone’s input.

What is your favorite PWE event & why?

I have two – the launch of the Boeing 787 service for Virgin Atlantic – I loved working on such a high tech project at MSI, and the Athletes Olympic Village hospitality at the Atlanta Games in 1996 – the athletes worked and trained so hard for the games, it felt great to help them relax, unwind and enjoy themselves!