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Paulette Wolf Events seeks college graduates who are intelligent, detail-oriented & artistic individuals and are interested in learning the creative design and logistical components of the event planning industry through our Internship Program. Our interns have the opportunity to engage in the strategic planning and production of PWE’s special events.  These events include: ground breakings/grand openings, product launches, corporate meetings, incentive travel, entertainment production, social events and gatherings. We believe that our interns learn best through hands-on experience, working directly with our talented team, our loyal vendors, and our clients.

We have had the privilege of witnessing many of our amazing interns go on to lead successful careers in the event planning industry. If you are interested in being a part of our internship program, please contact us at events@pwe-e.com.

What Some Of Our Interns Have To Say About PWE…

Tim Wagner

What was your experience like working with PWE?

Exciting, challenging, eye-opening, fulfilling, extremely fun, I don’t know where to start. The entire 3 years that I was at PWE there was something new every single day. I met more people, had completely new experiences both professionally and personally and developed relationships that are still to this day very important to me.

What did you enjoy about it?

What was great was at first since I was learning, I was “allowed to be a part of something”. Once proven you really always had an opportunity to create, execute and expand on your own. The trust and recognition that the management team provides is very powerful and creates a place of employment where you are constantly looking forward to what is next.

Truly the best part about working at PWE are the people. The relationships and network that you can build with not only the people in the office but the clients, vendors, partners, friends, the employee alumni, etc. is unbelievable.

What was your favorite PWE event and why?

My favorite PWE event was the Harrah’s/Caesar’s merger events. At the time, the challenge of planning, coordinating and executing a 25 property nationwide simultaneous celebration was incredible. To be part of that event start to finish, seeing the communication and strategy that was involved was something that I will never forget. Plus, who doesn’t have fun at a casino?

Where are you now?

I am the Business Development Manager for Lever Interactive, an online marketing agency.

Maeve O’Connor

The hands on experience I gained while working at PWE paved a promising path towards my ultimate career aspirations. PWE’s standard of excellence cultivated a work ethic and understanding of the event planning industry that I believe could only be acquired through this unique experience. I feel extremely privileged to have worked with such a talented team!

My favorite event was the western themed Peak6 18th Anniversary party. Watching the party develop from a vision to a reality in a short two weeks was both impressive and rewarding. Observing guests ride a mechanical bull, interact with a rope trick professional, get drinks from a world champion flair bartender and see a private Keith Urban concert caused for an unforgettable night.

Chris Blackmore

My experience working with PWE was amazing.  It was very eye opening into the Events and Entertainment industry.  Working with PWE, both at the Olympics in Atlanta and the Headquarters in Chicago, taught me so much about the logistics and operations that are involved in planning and managing large events.

I thoroughly enjoyed solving problems that were very difficult and even almost impossible.  This has really helped me in my current career as an Assistant Director in the film industry.  One example of a seemingly impossible task that I had was when I had to locate 50 white Arabian horses and 50 Camels all to be ridden down the Las Vegas strip for a Grand Opening.  This took me several days and multiple phone calls.  I still tell that story to young Production Assistants having a hard time solving difficult tasks on the fly.

My favorite event with PWE has to be the 1996 Olympics.  This was my first experience in production working on large scale events.   I was able to see all types of event production from small live performances, to full on concert performances, and even a red carpet movie premiere.  I got my first taste of dealing with talent and all of their demands and requirements.  Working the Olympics was when I was bitten by the bug and knew that event and entertainment production was what I wanted to do.

Now, I’m an Assistant Director in the Director’s Guild of America (DGA).  I have been working in the film industry for 10 years now on projects like The Fast and Furious 7 and Insurgent.

I am very thankful that PWE gave me the opportunity to be an intern and learn from the best in the business.

Emily Crane

Having the opportunity to intern with PWE right after I graduated college was a huge privilege. My experience with PWE was an amazing learning opportunity being able to work under one of the best event planning companies in Chicago. The PWE team made me feel apart of the team right away by valuing my opinion and allowing me the opportunity to sit in meetings with them, their clients and allowing me to assist in every step of the planning process.

My favorite event was the NetApp Launch, a VIP event at the Millennium Park rooftop in Chicago. NetApp partnered with Cisco to develop the FlexPod so we incorporated the logo and branding into all elements of the event. It was so much fun to see all of our hard work come together and have the event end with a surprise performance by Grace Potter.

Lauren Starkey

I received the exclusive opportunity to shape and strengthen my skills in various categories: budgeting, planning, communicating, researching, and customer service. In just 5 short months, I truly believe my time spent at PWE shaped my career path.

My favorite event was actually the last event of my internship – the Peak 6 James Bond themed anniversary party (and not just because Maroon 5 performed). This event was organized flawlessly in a very short amount of time. I remember sitting in the conference room with the entire PWE staff wracking our brains, together, trying to come up with artists that could potentially fit with any given theme. I was able to see every element from inception to conclusion and really felt, and saw, how PWE’s process worked. It seemed that at any given moment during the night I was able to overhear the guests commenting on how wonderful the décor and food was, and, of course, the shock element of the surprise entertainment. There was nothing about this anniversary party that went unnoticed, and I was very proud to have been a part of the PWE team to put on this stellar event.

Emily Orthwein

Interning at PWE was the best decision I could have made after graduating. I gained valuable work experience, which then launched me into a full time event management career. I enjoyed seeing and experiencing all aspects of the event planning industry– I got to see it all.

My favorite event was the James Bond themed anniversary party for Peak6, because we got to dress up in black tie and see a private performance by Maroon 5. I will remember that night forever.