Oprah’s World’s Largest Baby Shower

“Thank you for everything you and your staff have done to make birth of these babies a very special experience… something our mothers-to-be will remember for a lifetime. Air Assault! “Worlds Largest Baby Shower” – Oprah Show”

— Thomas R. Turner (Commanding Major General, U.S. Army)


The Oprah Show contracted Paulette Wolf Events to execute a surprise baby shower for 640 expectant mothers at Fort Campbell military base.



As one of the few outside producers for Oprah, we transformed the 101st Airborne’s war memorial lawn into a full-scale outdoor theater complete with seating for 700. Production for this event required our team to be on base for over three weeks prior to filming. The celebration included celebrity appearances by Cindy Crawford, Ben Affleck, Elle McPherson & Kenny Chesney among others.

The show aired kicking off network sweeps while receiving some of the show’s highest ratings and became what Oprah referred to as one of her favorite shows. By using open communication with the client and military base personnel, we were able to manage the operations of two very different, but very regimented entities.